Politicians should not decide the future of CBC



November 24, 2016



(Calgary) Responding to recent comments by politicians to revamp, or altogether abolish, the CBC, Conservative Party Leadership Candidate Deepak Obhrai, said “why are politicians getting to decide what will happen to the CBC? The CBC is funded by Canadian taxpayers; therefore Canadians should decide the future of the corporation”.


When asked why the CBC has become a Conservative Leadership issue, Mr. Obhrai responded by saying, “the reason the CBC is a topic of discussion is because many Canadians feel that in the past, the CBC has displayed biased reporting.


“I propose a more Canadian approach. An independent task-force to look at the future of CBC.”


“It would be wise to look at the issue in terms of addressing Canadian taxpayers’ concerns rather than a political agenda. Once we start to threaten our media, we start to threaten freedom of speech.”