Obhrai urges UN Security Council to rise above partisan divides to stop Syrian atrocities


(OTTAWA) Conservative Party Leadership Candidate Hon. Deepak Obhrai, M.P. today condemned the chemical weapons attack in Syria and blamed the UN Security Council for once again failing to take action to stop the Syrian regime from murdering its own people.


“The Syrian regime of President Assad has no regard for the lives of its own citizens. Once again, they have proved that they will stop at nothing to hold on to power. This use of chemical weapons to kill innocent civilians is an outrageous act of violence and cowardice. The civilized world must unite to stop the Assad regime from continuing along this path,” Obhrai said.


“The UN Security Council has once again failed to deliver on its mandate of holding Assad and his government accountable for their actions. I urge the Security Council and Russia to rise above partisan divides to conduct an impartial investigation and bring to justice the perpetrators of this heinous crime.”


“Canada, being one of the biggest donors to the United Nations and to its mechanisms that ensure the prohibition of chemical weapons, must step up the demand for immediate action by the Security Council to impartially and immediately investigate and stop such barbaric attacks from happening again,” Obhrai said.