FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      December 05, 2016


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Obhrai concerned with rise of intolerance, as seen during weekend Alberta rally



(OTTAWA) Conservative Party Leadership Candidate Deepak Obhrai has expressed grave concern over the rise of intolerance creeping into Canadian politics.


“At a weekend rally in front of the Alberta legislature, we witnessed insults levied at Premier Rachel Notley calling for her to be locked-up, and the distribution of anti-immigrant flyers,” Mr. Obhrai said.


“Agree or disagree, Albertans gave Premier Notley a clear democratic mandate to govern. When I was Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, I strongly promoted democratic rights overseas. It is very disheartening to see that now here in Canada, we don’t seem to respect what Albertans said at their provincial election.”


“We’re witnessing Trump-style politics invading Canada. It is the responsibility of event organizers that they distance themselves from hatemongering and insults. Otherwise we all lose,” Mr. Obhrai said.