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Obhrai challenges O’Leary to a one-to-one debate


February 16, 2017


(Ottawa) Today, the Hon. Deepak Obhrai, Dean of the Conservative Caucus, and Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate, issued a challenge to Kevin O’Leary for a one-to-one debate on Canadian democracy.


Mr. O’Leary has been confused by the American and Canadian democracies. This is not surprising considering his past record of supporting American parties, but not Canadian ones. Mr. O’Leary has demonstrated a lack of understanding of Canadian democracy, the pillars of which are:


  • Parliamentary democracy
  • Federalism with provincial rights enshrined in the Constitution
  • Bicameralism with a not-for-sale SenateMr. O’Leary has insulted our democracy by saying that he will not seek a parliamentary seat in the House of Commons right away if he won, and if he will not defeat Prime Minister Trudeau in 2019, he will simply resign.


The debate will focus on the differences between Mr. O’Leary’s new political reality show, and Mr. Obhrai’s decades’ long voice of experience.