CBC analyses the wrong website of Leadership Candidate Deepak Obhrai


(OTTAWA) On March 5th 2017, the CBC published an article analysing the Conservative Party leadership candidates’ online campaigns.


Team Obhrai has this to say about the CBC article: “Unfortunately, when it came to our campaign, the strategist seems to have analysed MP Deepak Obhrai’s parliamentary website which is available at www.deepakobhrai.com. Along with the writer’s take on the site’s content, he/she has also given a screenshot of the MP website. We wish to point out that the Deepak Obhrai Leadership Campaign does not use www.deepakobhrai.com for any purpose related to the ongoing leadership race.


“Our campaign website is www.deepakage.com, where all information related to our campaign is readily available. In the past few leadership debates, Deepak has even announced this website on stage and invited Canadians to follow him on www.deepakage.com”.


“We are genuinely surprised that the CBC and its Ottawa-based digital media strategist had no clue as to what our correct campaign website is and instead proceeded to make an assessment of the MP’s parliamentary website.”


Please note that Mr. Obhrai’s official websites for the CPC Leadership Campaign are www.deepakage.com and electdeepakobhrai.com. The latter houses News Releases and information about Mr. Obhrai and the accolades he has received over the years as a public servant. Deepakage.com publicizes policy and content and is an open website where Canadians willingly sign up for to receive in-depth articles on issues facing them.


Please see below the statement on the CBC citing Mr. Obhrai’s official MP website instead of his leadership campaign website.


Also we would like to point out that our social media campaign also includes:

Twitter- @deepakobhrai

Facebook – Hon. Deepak Obhrai (@deepakobhrai)

Instagram – Hondeepakobhrai