“Canadian Values” test questions would cement Kellie Leitch led-Conservatives as Anti-Immigrant




March 6, 2017



(Ottawa) Leadership Candidate Hon. Deepak Obhrai warns the Conservative Party that with the release of Kellie Leitch’s “Canadian Values” test questions for immigrants and visitors, the party will be seen as an Anti-Immigrant Party.


He states, “these are universal values encompassed by our laws. Ms. Leitch’s proposal to screen every immigrant and visitor is nothing but Donald Trump’s Executive Order, disguised as Canadian values, and crafted to keep Muslims out of Canada. Furthermore, these questions are pointless, and are an unnecessary bureaucratic and costly policy.”


“This will lead to the Conservative Party being seen as Anti-Immigrant. Ms. Leitch is playing divisive politics, and the consequences can be seen in America, where in the last two weeks three innocent people were shot or killed, because they were seen as immigrants. This is a dangerous environment to create in Canada, and I am outraged by this”.