Band-Aid solutions wrong course to take, says Obhrai


March 29, 2017


(Ottawa): Canada is a democracy based on responsible use of law and other instruments that have served us well.


Band-Aid solutions have serious potential to do harm than do good. Some Band-Aid solutions proposed more recently by other candidates include:


  • The use of the military against unarmed civilians, including women and children
  • Misuse of military, not a Canadian way;
  • The use of the notwithstanding clause
  • Undermining our judicial system and its independence – it was meant for issues of extreme national importance
  • Immigrants have built this country through hard work and this is visible through the past positive impact of immigration
  • Now one candidate wants to question them if they will work hard – a so-called Canadian value arbitrarily defined;
  • Immediately deporting those entering illegally
  • Our laws permit fair hearings for all refugee claims;
  • Creating a special force to confront protesters
  • Protesting is a right given to Canadians under the Charter, which can be easily addressed by our law enforcement agencies;


Obhrai proposes setting up special tribunals to address the unchecked flow of refugees through our border


All refugees are entitled to a hearing under our laws. At the current time, due to inadequate resources, it takes a long time to process these claims. For those coming through our undefended border with the United States, we need to provide more resources: specifically set up special tribunals, or courts, that can, in a very short time (e.g. 2 months), hear the claims and determine if these applicants meet the refugee criteria in place. If unsuccessful, immediately start the deportation process. This will send a clear message to human smugglers that breaking our laws does not pay. Asylum seekers will also be notified to come through the proper channels. Breaking the law will not result in favorable decisions. Furthermore, this would maintain the integrity of our laws and borders, and show compassion and a firm resolve that those breaking in through the backdoor entry will not be tolerated.