February 17, 2017


Obhrai disappointed O’Leary will not debate him on Canadian democracy


(Ottawa)  The Hon. Deepak Obhrai, Dean of the Conservative Caucus, and Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate, today expressed disappointment that fellow candidate Kevin O’Leary has refused to debate him on Canadian democracy.


“Our understanding is that Mr. O’Leary has declined my invitation to a one-on-one debate on our differing views on parliamentary democracy.


The issues I raise are on understanding the realities of our Democracy.  Anyone aspiring to lead our country must be knowledgeable and experienced on these issues.  This is not a political reality show. These are the realities of our democracy. Any potential leader of our Party must demonstrate a respect and understanding of our democratic system of federal governance.”


Earlier this week, Mr. Obhrai issued a challenge to Mr. O’Leary on issues of Parliamentary democracy, Federalism with provincial rights enshrined in the Constitution and Bicameralism with a not-for-sale Senate, on which Mr. O’Leary’s knowledge is woefully inadequate.