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Canada should be prepared to face an increase in homegrown terrorism with the fall of Mosul


(CALGARY) “Homegrown terrorism is the real threat to Canada as I have stated before, and now with the imminent fall of Mosul, and the rallying call by ISIL leader to his followers to continue his terrorist activity, we should be prepared to fight this very real threat,” states Leadership Candidate Hon. Deepak Obhrai.


“With a loss of territory we should expect that the ISIL sympathizers and soldiers will target free societies, like Canada.”


His statement comes on the heels of the news reports that Mosul is about to fall and that ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi purportedly released an audiotape .


Mr. Obhrai went on to add that Bill C-51, put forth by the former Conservative government, gives the necessary tools to fight this threat. “I fear any reduction in the tools and ability for our security to fight this treat would make Canada vulnerable and a target for terrorists. It is important that Liberals don’t dilute this bill,” Mr. Obhrai said.